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“Their latest single “Paradise” is a deft blend of melodic pop fused with smooth, ultra confident rap textures that eschew the theatrics so common to both genres in favor of a broad based approach sure to entrance audiences across the globe.

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“The band labels their work as a mix of “… luminous electronic soundscapes, tantalizing dance rhythms, pop-conscious melodies and provocative lyrical themes”. To help deliver the last quality on this particular single, the collective enlisted the collaborative efforts of rapper Deploi from the House of Vibe.

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“Such screeds are, often times, musically simplistic or inert vehicles for moralizing songwriters, but that isn’t the case at all here. Astronauts of Antiquity prove, from the outset here, that they possesses superb musical instincts that enliven their verbal attack with melody, surprise, and physicality."