"What is there to say except that this group’s musical genius brilliantly and beautifully brings all these genres off into a wonderful blend of extraordinary musical melodies that moves the soul, the mind, and gives the listener a higher plane of listening pleasure to their senses."



"There comes a time when you think you've heard it all but then Astronauts of Antiquity comes smashing down your door in supersonic speed and slaps you in the face with the force of a thousand suns."

             -SOHH.com (support online hip hop)


"...a distinct and experimental sound that incorporates hip hop and electronic elements laced with roaring vocals and haunting guitar riffs."

              - Paste Magazine

"A stunning crossover between urban trip hop and straight pop genres.....powerful lyrics...infectious beat...gets it's message across....now is the prefect time to get on the Astronauts hype train."  

                   - Real Music Network

"In the song Paradise, Astronauts of Antiquity take a unique approach to conscious hip hop...a satirical tragic comedy feel....one of the most original songs I've heard! " 

                   - H-Blog

"Soulful pop singer India roars her infectious melodies over an inventive, hip hop infused electronica that is layered with talented lyricism and surrealistic guitar funk." 

                  - CeezWorld Music


" 'Paradise’ is a new single with a strong message which works on two fronts....blending pop and hip hop.....doing a very good job of making its points in an accessible way....an impressive introduction to the uninitiated, splicing genres together with ease."

            - Unfashionable Male UK


"Soulful singer India roars her infectious melodies over Ivica’s inventive fusion of hip hop and electronica elements which are carefully layered in with B. Rhyan’s dark, yet funky guitar riffs....impressive." 

                - hiphopondeck.com


"Astronauts of Antiquity are a genre bending act looking to turn new ears to their sound with the new single 'Paradise'....a wake up call so well conceived and produced that it's a great track first and a message second - a very effective way to make the underlying motives more impactful." 


"all the editors of our blog are in love with this song ('Paradise')!"

           - MusicCrowns.org & Trisickle.com


"Music has always been a powerful tool for activists and change in this world. It’s a potent way to give your movement a voice and spread your cause. Astronauts of Antiquity make music with a poignant message. The latest is the new single ‘Paradise’. AOA is a US based Alt Pop/Trip Hop trio featuring Detroits best vocalist India, guitarist B. Rhyan and programmer Ivica. ‘Paradise’ also features L.A. rapper Deploi to create a hard hitting anthem."

              - Music Notez the Magazine (musicnotez.com)


“Fun, funky and futuristic: Propelled on fat grooves, funky rhythm guitars and swaggering attitude, Astronauts of Antiquity reveal themselves through songs that are artfully classic, delightfully modern and thoroughly enjoyable.”
            - Dan Kimpel, Song Biz Editor, Music Connection Magazine


"AOA has managed to record a stimulating collective of pop, rock, electronica and hip hop without sounding derived.

The musicianship is sharp, experimental even pioneering, the female/male vocals are synergistic and dynamic, the lyrics thoughtful and inspiring, and the production is detailed to perfection without sounding overly posh.  

These deft Astronauts have exquisitely crafted songs that can be hits today without losing their integrity and that also should endure the test of time." 

          - Greg Allard/Tunegroover.com



"Hypnotic listen that drips with beauty...Slow burning, Seductive dissertation built upon atmospheric soundscapes and celestial expressions."

              -  Sonicjive.com


"Astronauts of Antiquity...superbly deliver. Exquisite vocals and compelling grooves... Always rock the house!"

              -  Time Out London


"A heady mix of eclectic urban and dance genres with ultra-cool swagger...succeeds in being both innovative and accessible."

               -  MuzikReviews.com


"A real breath of fresh air....a hot and funky re-envisioning of urban and pop genres."



"Organic electronic exploration...Open your mind-you wont be disappointed."
 - DMA


"World uniting musical sound....For people looking for something beyond."

         - Pitt News


"Setting the new tone for today's crafty, conscious urban pop genre....and for the experimentally obsessed indie scene...This is a rare gem!"

              - Fencepost.com


"Exotic stimulation....multicultural groove thing with a sharp focus....intelligent heart felt lyrics that swing."

                   - The Herald Sun


"Some of the most self assured, ultra-cool vocal stylings. India's silky smooth voice commands your brief attention span like beautiful blue swirls of bar smoke. Truth be known, Astronauts of Antiquity are a very savvy pop band in disguise."

                     - The Spectator

"Inventive electro lounge pop.....mesmerizing songcraft."

           -The Independent


"Warm and enveloping.....bands like this are VERY few and far between"

               - URB


"a futuristic travelogue that elucidates the past. India's hauntingly beautiful vocals spiral around AOA's timelessly inventive guitar work and rhythms ...mesmerizing to say the least...who IS this band?"

                      -  313 Gallery, NYC